Our Mazin Moms


Sammy is a small standard labradoodle. Sammy is also another one of our great mamas. The small standard is a great size for families who want a bigger dog but not too big.

Hoping for another Sammy litter this summer 2022.


Georgie comes from our first Sammy/Cowboy litter. She looks like her mama and has her dad's pretty color. She is a sweet small standard labradoodle. Her favorite things are early morning snuggles and kisses, playing fetch, and playing with other dogs. She loves all people who visit her. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous puppies she will have.

Hoping for puppies from Georgie in 2022


Binx is a Standard Bernedoodle. Binx was in our first Remi/Farley litter. She is an amazing mama.
Hoping for another litter summer 2022.

Remi - Retired

Remi is a Standard Bernedoodle. Remi came to us from our friends in Colorado. She was a great first bernedoodle for us. We had so many amazing litters from her and many families took home a piece of Remi. She spends her retirement missing motherhood but taking on the role of Grandma. We aren't joking. We watch her interact with our other litters as they grow. She takes on the discipline but also love to our growing pups before they head to their new homes. She is truly the best dog! We are so excited to see her offspring become mamas in 2022 and 2023.

Bella - Retired

Bella is a mini labradoodle who is now retired and living with her guardian home.