About Bernedoodles

Standard bernedoodles weigh around 50-80 lbs. The size differences comes from the size of the parents used with each breeding period.

Mazin bernedoodles have allergy friendly coats. A great choice for owners who want a non-shedding dog. Bernedoodles are gentle and goofy but most of all they are loyal to their family. They are good with kids and really like to be near their people.

Daily brushing is always encouraged and will prevent matting. We recommend a first grooming appointment around 5-6 months for a quick trim and to become familiar with the grooming process at a young age. Pet Smart offers a quick puppy bath to help the puppy become accustomed to the process even if you don’t use them as a groomer the bath option is available and can be done after your puppy goes home. They will ask for shot records when the puppy vaccines are completed. Recommended grooming every 3-4 months depending on how short or long you prefer your pups fur to be.

Australian Bernedoodles are mainly black with the white, tan and brown markings but can vary depending on the parents. Coats can vary from straight, wavy, curly and really curly.