About Labradoodles

Mazin Australian Labradoodles are multigenerational, bred from labradoodle to labradoodle for many generations. We breed our labradoodles for the best temperament as family companions. 

Mazin labradoodles are a great choice for owners who want a non-shedding dog. You can get the occasional clump of hair around your house but that is also a good sign your family pup needs a haircut or a good brush. 

Our labradoodles have allergy friendly coats. They are easy to maintain with recommended typical grooming every 3-4 months depending on how short or long you like the dogs fur to be. Daily brushing is always encouraged and will prevent matting. We recommend a first grooming appointment around 5-6 months for a quick trim and to become familiar with the grooming process at a young age.

We currently offer mini- and standard-size labradoodles. Mini labradoodles average 15-30lbs and Standard labradoodles weigh around 45-65lbs. 

All Mazin labradoodles go home with their first round of puppy vaccinations, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and a two year health warranty.