Our Mazin Dads


Mini Australian Labradoodle
We are so excited to use Auggie in our Mazin litters. Auggie is living in a wonderful guardian home for us. They tell us he loves to snuggle, nap, and chase his dog friends. He is a gentle male, loves heated seats in the car and is very quiet. Crate trained but loves a good roll of toilet paper when we aren't looking.


Australian Labradoodle
Cowboy is an Australian Labradoodle who came to us from Colorado. But, don’t let his rough and tumble name fool you; Cowboy is one of the sweetest dads we have. When he’s not fathering black and tan phantoms or chocolate puppies, he and his massage therapist Guardian help others relax. We knew that he would be a great dad and continuously produce litters that are just as handsome and loving as he has always been.


Australian Labradoodle
Willy came to us from our family friends at Meadow Park Labradoodles. The moment we saw him, we knew that we wanted him to be the dads to our Bernedoodle “moms”. Even from a distance you could tell that he was a loveable goofball. Don’t let his silly antics fool you though, he is one of the smartest dads we have in our program. There is never a moment that Willy doesn’t have us doubled over in laughter. He has brought so many smiles to us and we know that this trait will be passed down to all of his puppies


Australian Labradoodle

RETIRED - Farley

Farley is our standard-sized poodle dad that we obtained from Wisconsin. Although he is a midwestern boy at heart, he is the definition of a true southern gentleman. He is one of the most obedient and intelligent dads that we have. Each one of his litters have been smart as a whip and easy to train. We love getting updates from the forever homes of his goldendoodle and bernedoodle puppies hearing that they are wonderful family additions.


Australian Labradoodle
Beau found his way to Mazin Labradoodles from our friends in Columbus. He is a medium-sized labradoodle who is extremely affectionate and curious. He loves to sit by our sides and nose his way into some cuddles. When we go for walks around the neighborhood or parks, Beau’s fluffy tail goes a mile a minute. He is one of our go-to car companions too due to his wonderful temperament. We have been lucky to have his relaxed characteristics passed down to our mini- and medium-sized chocolate, tuxedo, and parti doodles.